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Breton Business Consulting

Consulting is the professional practice of offering expert advice to business owners and leaders with the objective of enhancing performance. This proves indispensable for companies aspiring towards growth, efficiency, and effective solutions for a spectrum of operational challenges they encounter in the dynamic business environment.


Business Consulting Stages

Early discussions ensure project alignment. We stay within our expertise, aiming for maximum results by aligning our skills with your needs, setting both partners up for success.

Upon project consideration, we calculate total costs and leverage our Grant Plan System to potentially offset expenses, successfully securing 75%-90% non-repayable grants based on program eligibility.

Key personnel interviews and AI synthesis inform our baseline for performance indicators and workflows, with potential on-site tool, process, or software reviews for comprehensive analysis.

Establishing a baseline, we explore ideal KPIs and workflows tailored to the company, considering the sector and market. Identifying gaps pinpoints areas for improvement in the process.

Based on gaps we work with the Project Lead Team to design new workflow systems, and implement them. The result is cost savings, improved efficiencies, and increased revenue.

Post-implementation, we craft or enhance standard operating procedures (SOPs), (re)train employees on system changes, and monitor compliance for 6-12 months. Corrective action solidifies workflow enhancements.

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