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Casey Concrete Ltd.

Casey Concrete is a long standing, family based concrete manufacturer and project supplier with 8 locations across Nova Scotia. Casey Concrete provides a range of products from ready mix to precast molds, residential, to larger commercial or municipal projects.

Having supply, manufacturing capability (from forms to specializations), and a diversity of skills, result in the capability to deliver multiple types of projects. Recently, Casey’s have expanded their operation to include retail with the acquisition of two well-known concrete product stores. As the website states “from multimillion-dollar projects to beautifying backyard patios with our hardscape concrete products, at Casey Concrete, we always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.” Their specialized services are:

  1. Ready mix concrete  
  2. Precast Concrete   
  3. Masonry 
  4. Hardscape


The Objective

To carry out a business assessment of all functional departments to first, determine a baseline, then next identify gaps and finally determine a RoadMap to improve in the company. The gap analysis and priority setting was based on three pillars: cost savings, efficiencies and revenue generation. 


The Challenge

Casey is a mid-sized, successful family-based business with an established track record of project success, built on a foundation of history!  Casey has been smart in expanding to multiple locations in Nova Scotia, providing the ability to service clients through proximity and relationship. Expanding to multiple locations can provide challenges however, and with high numbers of employees and large fleet sizes, the need for standard operating procedures, and quality control are paramount. Adding retail operations has added extra challenges to keep workflow consistent and smooth. The main challenge is to create ERP-like systems to reduce inefficiencies and increase smooth project management delivery. This is essential to future growth. 


The Solution

Review workflow: Creating a Baseline 

We helped Casey conceptualize a new Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.  This started with a complete review of their current workflow and understanding the baseline indicators, steps and processes. Our review produced a baseline with future optimization capability of linking their marketing, lead capture (B2B and B2C), sales, finances, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resources activities in one platform. 

In addition to workflow review we created a Customer Journey Map (CJM). A CJM is a process mapping/reviewing workflow through the lens of a customer. In other words, how does a customer experience the entire process from their own perspective? The CJM is then overlapped with management/workflow to see where there are discrepancies. 

Design a new workflow: Setting new Optimization Standards

In addition to workflow review we created a new workflow design based on input from the gap analysis and CJM in the workflow review stage. The new workflow design sets an optimization standard to measure against the baseline. Some areas are maintained and others are set to “improve”.  It also sets standards for how Casey interacts with customers in retail, wholesale and major projects. 


Results: Bringing Return on Investment

The implementation of these strategies yielded significant results for Casey. These included: 

  1. Optimization of all processes/systems
  2. Utilizing Sys Pro (workflow software) more effectively, drawing on its many capabilities 
  3. Setting new SOP standards for all employees

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